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heart of the child to observe, describe

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:57 am Post subject: No icon heart of the child to observe, describe Reply with quote

Autumn is deep and the weather is cold. The red leaves of Luotian are red. Taking advantage of the "Red Dabie Mountain �� Green Silla Field" opportunity, I went to Dabie Mountain with hundreds of calligraphy and painting photographers, into the Jiuzi River, saw red leaves, painted red leaves, and went to a grand event of autumn leaves. Wide, the ash tree is more concentrated, both in terms of quantity and quality! Our paintings were flourishing, and we set off with our oil painting box early in the morning. The sun was coming out, the sky was bright, and the cypress trees showed their true ��inherent colors��. They were reddish, yellowish, and red. Yes, it seemed to blush. Looking at the red leaves in front of them, and thinking about the picture in their hearts, the painters spread out in the fields, looking for the angle that interests them most. I brought a wide frame, which is suitable for expressing a wide picture, so I decided to draw the opposite scenery on the road next to a Taoist temple. Here, there is a large paddy field, and the black ash tree is also relatively concentrated. They are scattered and scattered on the field. In particular, the first few trees, with attractive postures and different modalities, are treated as "painting eyes". It is the most suitable to set up the painting box, arrange the canvas, squeeze out the oil paint, take out the brush, close the eyes, and Thinking of it, he leisurely picked a handful of cooked brown. After drawing the sketch, we started to make large color blocks. At this time, the sun had risen, the morning light was shining, and the mountains and rivers were bathed in the pale yellow light. Looking ahead, in the splendid rice fields, a black cypress tree, dressed in red, green, and yellow, like a group of young women in the village, sits or stands, stops or walks, is bright, and graceful . The gray and purple mountain shadows are like dreams, hidden in the sky ... How can the scenery in front of me be withered and withered in late autumn, which is better than the bright and splendid March of Yangchun! "Since ancient times, autumn has been lonely and lonely, and I say that autumn is better than spring. As soon as the sky clears the sky, a crane draws poetry to Bixiao." In this case, the light is near, and the color is also good. The oil painters are in high spirits and inspired, they are keen to capture the subtle color feelings, quickly pick the color and express passionately! The canvas oscillates slightly and emits a "click" sound Marlboro Gold. I also painted very smoothly, and this feeling is probably what Sun Guoting said "when you are lucky, you have both hands". My eyes pass my hand, I write my heart, the joy of smearing is better than that! After the large color relationship in the picture is determined, the next step is to describe the details. Naturally, red leaves are the focus of performance. However, I am in trouble. How can I freeze red leaves on the canvas vividly, accurately, and with both emotions and emotions? If you touch it with a large color, you can draw it as a whole, but you can't bear to look at it carefully; if you use a small color point, it can be delicate and delicate, but easy to show craftsmanship. Ask for advice from painters, and some teachers worry about it: Hongye, you don't like painting! Also, how to mix the red of the red leaves to make it clear and colorful is also a big problem. Generally speaking, the dark part is purple, the middle part is big red, and the bright part is vermilion ... However, it's not that simple! There are also red with green, red with yellow, red with blue, red with black Marlboro Cigarettes, red with gray ... to gather the air of the weather, to make a fortune, the red of the red leaves is not exhausted by manpower. I am dissatisfied and even discouraged if my poor painting skills can reach the effect of the pictures gradually appearing on the canvas. Can't help but write down and sigh for skill! I can't help but admire the photographers, as long as they "click", they can fix Wan Yanqianhong for a moment ... Of course, I also know that the reason why painting is not replaced by photography, the key point is that painting is purely manual Yes, one point, one line, one color, one color, all condenses the body temperature and heartbeat of people, and photography, after all, depends on cold equipment. Imagine being in the depths of the red leaves under the glorious autumn sun, and using the heart of the child to observe, describe, taste, and reverie, that is a unique experience in life. Red leaves are picturesque. Painting red leaves is a spiritual feast! In addition, there are other gains. In the process of drawing, many tourists came to watch. They either took a wild shot at me, commented on it, or asked to sit at the place where I painted, and show the artist's feelings ... Picturesque. She was so red that it was pleasing to the eye Newport Cigarettes. Everyone is a romantic and passionate artist in the field of Hongye Xunran! Even the person who painted the red leaves also merged into the red leaves and became a part of the beauty. I was even willing to transform into a red leaf, hung on the branches, dancing with the wind, pinning spring dreams and autumn thoughts, blooming the tranquility of life.

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