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The sun gently landed on th

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:46 am Post subject: No icon The sun gently landed on th Reply with quote

The sun gently landed on the mottled wall, half white and half gray, which is the color of the sun. Occasionally, the sun shines through the window and gaze in, whitening the gray ground. They swam gently and slid in a free way. I took a bunch of sunshine and smelled the sun at the tip of my nose. Follow the sun and walk out. The gentle sunshine will warmly embrace me mokingusacigarettes.com. They are screaming in my arms, like a group of naughty children looking for candy in me. I reached out and covered the sunlight that came into my eyes. I seemed to resist the enthusiasm for the sun. I walked to the door and opened the old eclipsed bolt. The wooden door slammed open. A breeze rushed over and kissed me passionately. Lifting your foot across the slate threshold, such as the door of a time, is another new world. The sun is scattered in the wind, giving a soft and dazzling feeling Newport Cigarettes. Through the shattered sunlight, a cluster of bamboo forests greets the erect posture. It��s full of layers of greenery. The light wind blows the dark green bamboo leaves to make a rustling sound Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The bamboo leaves are arranged in a patchwork manner, giving a chic feeling of chaos. Close your eyes and listen carefully to the rustling sound Cigarettes Online. There seems to be a sound coming from far and near, echoing in the air. Combine with the rustling sound to make a different beat. That is a note of harmony, which is the sound of nature. Through the layers of bamboo leaves, you can find an active figure. It jumps, occasionally between the bamboo forests, and occasionally on the top of the bamboo poles. I remember, its name is Magpie. It is a singer of nature and is singing a wonderful life. It picked up the tall, elongated feet and stood at the end of the long bamboo poles. The small feet moved up and the slender bamboo poles shook. As if it was its trampoline, it swayed happily with it. A cloud of white clouds floated over and became the set of the painting. The setting constantly changes the image, making the painting look more charming. A bird fell on the black tile surface, and the original quiet roof suddenly became agile. The neatly arranged water tile becomes a tripod, and the bird is a beating note. The sound of bamboo leaves in rust has become beautiful music with its beat. That is the most beautiful music in nature. I closed my eyes and listened carefully, and I was deeply intoxicated. When I closed my eyes, a faint scent of sorrow rushed into my nostrils, deep into my lungs and filled my body. I was shocked by the whole body, quickly opened my eyes and looked at the direction of the fragrance. A ridge of vegetables grows in the vegetable garden on my left. The tall wormwood, the yellow rapeseed, the fat cabbage, the growing bitter wheat, all declare their lives in a hot and unrestrained manner. Occasionally, a cabbage butterfly spreads its wings and walks over to them, kissing their passionate faces, and taking their hopes and stories. Oh, the original cabbage butterfly is their friend. I just wanted to get close, and a thorny thorn tree blocked me from going. They loyally guarded the garden with arrogant thorns, blocking me from this daring. I know that they are also territorially aware. So I can only be a spectator, accompanying them to listen to the wind and telling the story of the old age. There is a small white flower growing on the thorn tree. The breeze blows and swells in the air Marlboro Gold. It is very beautiful. Occasionally, one fell on my head and gently dressed me. I didn't expect it to treat me as a big girl. I was a little angry. I gently slammed my feet and it fell on my hand. I held it in my hand, put my face close, and listened to the bad things about it. A strange wind blows and blows it into the air, as if to blame it for saying bad things behind the scenes. The original wind is so stingy. Its free and easy figure floats in the air, and it's a leisurely time to show its graceful dance. I see a little stay. I also seem to be a hurricane, and it plays in the air.
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