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#1: No icon eeze, which scared the lo Author: ylq123 PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:57 am
The rain didn't know spring, and the sun cleared and the summer deep. It seemed as if he had just taken a nap in the spring rain of Xinghua, and accidentally stepped into the bright summer. The sound of frogs invited cicadas, and they couldn't wait to whisper their throats, playing the overwhelming chorus, and greeted them in summer. The crystal curtain moved in the breeze, and there was a fragrant courtyard full of roses. The first to come is Mai Xiang, each ear of wheat is a long knot of stagnation in the winter, the wheat ripens in the wind, the summer wind blows, the thousand ears laugh, the knots are all open, one by one All blushed and bent over with shame. The gardenia flowers are also accompanied, full of trees and trees, white and bright, spitting out fragrance, interpreting the splendid sing of life. The stars and the moon in the galaxy have n��t played enough. Qu, stretched his neck to scoop out the rising sun sleeping on the mountain side. The stream at the village headed down the mountain, singing all the way, the stream was as clear as a mirror, and the sound of a mallet was heard. The little daughter-in-law told a joke, causing the oxen who ate beside the stream to cheer. The midsummer night was short, and the cool morning breeze woke up the sleepy old farmer under the laurel tree in the courtyard Carton Of Cigarettes, shaking off the dew on the hair tips and between the eyebrows, lifting the cigarette bag, and burst out. Vegetable gardens need watering, fruit forests need weeding, paddy fields need insecticides, cotton fields need fertilizers, and new crickets are like magic wands, hard in summer, and full in autumn. The midsummer sun is gold, where it shines, where the sun shines, the rice seeds are yellow, the cotton flowers are white, and the sun shines brightly. Why not hate? . The noon sun is dazzling white, the flames are like the tens of thousands of arrows hitting the earth, roasting the green hills in the distance, near the green fields, the mountains are lush, and there is no way to describe the rural scenery. The old-fashioned ancient trees have their own means to hold up a huge green umbrella and block the sharp arrows of the road from the thick canopy. Xiuzhu was groaning lightly, the green wind was wandering around, accidentally hit a cicada watching the scenery at the treetop, the nocturnal cicada hummed a lullaby happily, the high-rise courtyard in the village, Under the shadow of the handle green umbrella, she fell into a nap, quiet and elegant, and the years were peaceful. Everyone is bitter and hot, I love summer long. Pieces of white clouds stroll around in the sky like countless new bombs Newport 100S. The old black dog's tongue in the morning hasn't retracted yet. He slumped under the roots of the old wall, squinting and looking at the world with his eyes closed; The old cow reclined under the willow tree by the pond, and chewed Ruyan's past leisurely; in the pond, two or three wild blue lotuses held up the canopy and swayed in the wind, and the dragonfly shuttled between the lotuses, occasionally standing on the lotus root, intoxicated in lotus I listened to the lotus language, but I still did not forget to take frequent photos of the water, and quietly admired his handsome appearance reflected in the water; the playful fish in the water gave a sneeze, which scared the loving affection of each other under the lotus leaf. The sunset is melting gold, the sunset is drunk, and the sunset is coming at dusk, waving the sleeves lightly, and putting on a colorful colorful dress for the sky. The cooking smoke called, without the need to drive away at dusk, the old peasant returned home. The shepherd boy threw the buffalo and abandoned the piccolo. Night is like yarn, stars are like chess, air conditioners, computers and televisions are far less attractive than camphor trees in the village. Men, women and children carry bamboo beds to gather under the trees. With his eyes closed, he listened to the laughter and joy of the country summer nights. Moonlight is like a silver scissors, which cuts the sky and the earth, but the fireflies do not agree, and happily made the tailor into the sky, holding the lantern, and stitched the two paintings of the sky and the earth together again
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