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#1: No icon Much more easy for a runescape participant Author: MMOexpshopLocation: Los Angeles PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:25 am
Sure ge scamming, making people or trust trading RuneScape gold their items will still exist, but those are much more easy for a runescape participant to recognise over skull tricking and animation stalling. I wish not actually. If you utilizing dragonbreath while he has an alt standing next to him and take away the attack choice, you will nonetheless skull. Same with last weeks' herb update; when someone threw a bomb and your auto retaliated, you'd skull. I have turned the option off long ago to avoid accidently clicking on somebody (which saved me when somebody had been cosplaying world warriors and I almost attacked them), but it is not foolproof unfortunately.

I agree, it's bothersome and unfair. You're better off just running or allowing them kill you rather than auto as you describe if you're in multi. I don't know if it'd be fair to get rid of multi. In any circumstance, accidently skulling from the proposal would'just' include sub-5m to your death cost, and you're not suddenly dropping 3 things you did not expect to loose. Not a perfect solution punishing than the current situation.

That Nex equipment is essentially your baseline and equipment that is possibly BiS is heaps of hours to replace youengage in dangerous PvP on either side or'd never see that kind of risk from anybody looking to PK and not with skulltricks rampant. On that note, I think that the bombs have begun triggering aggro skulltricks that is familiar from triggering skulls AGAIN, which I thought by now they would have just disabled.

We see that the capability to KO someone from + wellbeing that is 80%, in OSRS. It should be far more difficult to someone if they're wearing full armour since EOC with cheap RuneScape Mobile gold has given reduction on many things to us. So if people were prepared to risk bringing armour, that issue would become less pronounced. Sucks to hear about the bombs being a problem too.No situation? Really? You get ragged. This isn't OSRS where fortune is a larger factor in struck opportunity and damage output. -> Site

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