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Hello friends, I’m Captain James and I’ve been an online DJ for 9 yrs. with the past year and a half being here at Inked Radio and Unleashed Radio. Prior to my association with Rain and Ziggy I had worked at several internet stations with many different formats and management styles. I am married to Cathy Justice for 17 yrs. and we reside in Edmond, Oklahoma a suburb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I am 100% disabled being bi-polar/ptsd but I work part-time on the weekends. My wife, Cathy works part-time for Visiting Angels Home Health Care. I am a Classic Rocker but enjoy all genres of music. I do 3 shows a week, 12 noon till 3 p.m. eastern Tuesday, Thursday and Friday . So tune in my show for a good time. I hope to see you soon, take care and keep on ROCKIN’ !!!

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